You spoke, we heard!
The results from the Library Survey we asked our patrons to fill out are finally in!
Roughly 563 patrons answered our survey both in the Library and online!
We are so grateful to each and everyone of you who took the time to do the survey!
Now we can be even better!!

  1. “Stay the course, you provide excellent service.”
  2. “Can’t think of a thing – our entire family loves the Library and uses it constantly. Than you for the excellent service you provide.”
  3. “Every librarian should wear theme hats. Seriously, the library is one of my very favorite things about living in Fairhope. Well done!”
  4. “Great Library with great folks to help us any time we need it.” 
  5. “I am hard pressed to think of anything; you folks are just super.”
  6. “I cannot think of one single thing to make our library better! Thank you to all staff.”
  7. “I LOVE it. Best library and library staff are the best that I have ever experienced.” 
  8. “I think it is a superior Library!”
  9. “I think it is awesome. So proud of Fairhope Library.”
  10. “I think that the services and library staff are the best that I have ever experienced.”
  11. “I would like to comment that the Library staff are knowledgeable and very helpful, as well as creative in the programs they provide- especially for early learners.” 
  12. “I am satisfied. Love the new online books.” 
  13. “Just keep doing what you do so well with the friendly people that you have working there.”
  14. “Let well enough alone. It’s just about perfect. The people that work there are extraordinary and are well informed.” 
  15. “Not necessary – you’re already terrific. All the librarians are helpful, polite and professional What more could a patron ask for?” 
  16. “The excellent staff and growing collection is good.” 
  17. “The Fairhope Public Library is wonderful. We enjoy coming every week for storytime, playing at the train table and reading board books.”
  18. “Well run and very friendly staff. We had an excellent tour of the children’s area on our first visit!” 
  19. “The staff is always helpful and pleasant.”
  20. “The Library is one of the top 5 we have used. Excellent staff. Probably #1.”
  21. “Very little improvement is needed and I can’t think of a single complaint. Thank you for providing this pathway to our best selves.”
  22. “Wonderful service and wonderful people. And I really like the hats! Thank you for all that you do.” 
  23. “You are #1! Press on.”
  24. “You do a wonderful job…you serve ALL ages, and that’s a beautiful thing!”
  1. “Appreciation” classes such as the Artist Series. I would enjoy a class on opera.
  2. Access to more audiobooks.
  3. Advertise more events.
  4. Have more self checkout available.
  5. Be open longer hours, including Wednesday mornings, but only if our great Library staff could get paid more!
  6. Better hours, need more hours on weekends.
  7. Change the DVD renewal for a 1-2 disk to 3-5 days in lieu of 2 weeks. Most of us are used to that from DVD rental days- it would prevent the long wait for new DVDs.
  8. Coding class for teens/preteens – wouldn’t public transportation to library be nice.
  9. Convince the City to fund more hours of operation!
  10. Could subscribe to several art magazines.
  11. Could we get some foreign language magazines, esp from France?
  12. Dear Friends, the Library’s landscape is shoddy, it makes the entire area look seedy; the greenery is incoherent and ill-maintained.
  13. I guess it’s futile to hope for more dedicated parking, but that is the chronic problem for programs that coincide with Faulkner classes.
  14. Special Needs Storytime.
  15. Please purchase more large print books.
  16. It would be great to have more weekend programs.
  17. It’s not your fault, but parking can be a problem.
  18. Needs to expand.
  19. Parking.
  20. Please purchase more LARGE PRINT books, particularly Non-Fiction LARGE PRINT. Thank you for all you do for us, your patrons.
  21. There needs to be more parking designated strictly for the Library, and strictly enforced so the Faulkner students don’t use the spaces.
  22. Would love to hear from more authors!
  23. Not enough night programs for people who work 9-5.
  24. I would love a set continuous class to learn Microsoft word, excel.
  25. Make more comfy, other than that, good library, great people who work there.
  26. More adult programming.
  27. Also a comfortable space for YA/Teens…it’s too cramped now.
  28. It would be helpful to have electrical outlets at every table.
  29. More programs geared towards the early reader (5-10).
  30. The stack layout could be more logically arranged.
  31. The Library handicapped parking is abysmal. The city is required to meet ADA standards and the parking well short of those standards.
  32. The is a severe lack in how-to-books, and most of the craft books are outdated.